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Workshop: The Power of Systems Thinking in the Spreadsheet



  • Audit, analyze and communicate your spreadsheets with Systems Thinking tools and mapping techniques
  • Identify the leverage points for effective strategy formulation in your business
  • Construct strategy maps and models in the graphical environment linked to the spreadsheet

Description: This workshop is designed to help professionals to work with the principles of Systems Thinking to develop better strategies and make informed decisions. Many organizations construct spreadsheet models to support their strategic and operational decisions. But auditing, analyzing, understanding and communicating spreadsheets are daunting tasks.

Participants learn about tools and techniques in Systems Thinking for modeling and understanding complexity and apply them into their every day work with spreadsheet models using Exposé. Upon completion, the participants will be able to create and interpret Systems Thinking maps from their spreadsheets to identify reinforcing and balancing processes and high-leverage points. The attendees will also be able to develop models in Exposé capable of generating strategic and operational insights and translate them into the spreadsheet.

The workshop includes components on collaborative strategy development, supply chain management and process improvement.


Who Should Attend: Anyone who works with spreadsheet models (in Microsoft Excel) should attend. The workshop curriculum is designed in order to accommodate professionals with orientations that range along the continuum from big-picture strategic to tactical and analytical decisions. Targeted professionals include Analysts, Consultants, Managers, Actuaries, Project Mangers

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